Nation Zoom Removal

What is Nation Zoom?

It is a must to remove Nation Zoom famous for being a browser hijacker. NationZoom browser virus normally redirects Windows users to by setting it as a search engine as well as a home page. After taking over your browser – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, Nation zoom also shows you quite a lot of pop-ups which make your browser sessions unlikable. What you can also suffer from if you have the browser hijacker on Windows operating system, is the significantly slower computer’s performance.

When page takes over the browser, many users do not know how to cope with this. On the other hand, Nation zoom is not a serious virus, it’s just an unwelcome item. It cannot cause so much damage as Trojans or fake anti-spywares, but it’s not a reason to trust it. One way or another, Nationzoom is still quite annoying and all users wish to get rid of it ASAP. If you are one of those and you are tired of being rerouted to various sites, delete Nation and enjoy surfing the net. Implement a trustful anti-malware and protect your system.

Nation Zoom Removal Nation Zoom RemovalDownload Removal Toolto remove Nation ZoomHow does manage to intrude Windows system?

Nation Zoom, belonging to Violeter Technology Limited is a typical browser hijacker and so, the ways it enters PC are also usual. It acts identically as the other members of the same family, such as Aartemis, qv06, Delta-homes, qone8 or, so there are features that fit to all these browser hijackers. can become your home page after you download it by yourself. Further, this PUP can be attached to your system after coming in bundle with some shareware or freeware. That’s why you have to investigate the sources distributing this type of software. If the distributors are third parties, you can almost be sure that any downloaded application will have the attached item which later causes many issues.

Nevertheless, not everything is lost and the user is the one able to avoid the entrance of Nation zoom just like of any other item. The focus should be put on the installation procedure. Your task is to notice if any additional software is suggested and if yes, you have to unmark the boxes with unwelcome items. If you forget to do this, you end up with necessary to erase Nationzoom hijacker on PC. is set as your new search provider and for your own safety, what you have to know that it is prohibited to use it as a search tool. Avoid using the distrustful search supplier and immediately operate removal.

Nation Zoom Nation Zoom Removal

Download Removal Toolto remove Nation Zoom

Why it is a must to delete Nationzoom?

When you are dealing with any browser hijacker, you become bothered by its annoying operation. Browser hijackers, including Nation zoom, are very intrusive applications and can completely change the flow of your browsing sessions. It was proved that Nationzoom can easily reconfigure the shortcut of the browser named Properties. From the moment modifications on Target line are accomplished, the presented browser hijacker conquers the browser, so the user has to put many efforts to remove it. If you were accustomed to use your own default home page and search engine, e.g., after Nationzoom enters PC, its page becomes the page you are constantly rerouted to. Additionally, you can find yourself on page. If you rely on these search tools and keep looking for any data here, you are provided with modified search results which you cannot believe in. looks like a reliable search supplier, but by using it, you can put your system’s security into trouble. If you don’t want to let even more serious malware to enter you computer, you have to get rid of The necessity to do this is undoubtful.


Otherwise, it can be sometimes hard to accept the fact that Nationzoom should be so strongly avoided as its official page even has the section named “About Us”. The below provided statements are the ones found in this section:

  • NationZoom is a trademark of Violeter Technology Limited.
  • is a global meta-search engine, which provides the best search results from
  • Google, Yahoo! and other search engines at once to save users valuable time.

Even if it sound perfectly and it is quite simple to be persuaded that you can rely on as a search tool, it is a huge mistake to leave this hijacker on Windows operating system. Doing this means being displayed a lot of advertisements and exposed to dangerous threats. As the ads related with Nationzoom spread infected third party content, clicking on it means allowing viruses to enter PC. Undoubtedly, you can get no benefit from as it only disturbs you and its offered search provider only reroutes you to unsafe websites. Apart from making you land on, the browser hijacker can redirect you to the search results of Yahoo which must be stayed away from. To tell the truth, there are no proofs about the usefulness of Nationzoom, hence, we are sure you have to delete it. Eliminate Nationzoom as quickly as you are able and prevent the future attacks of the intruders.

How to remove

Despite the fact that Nation zoom is not a virus, you can find it hard to remove. In order to perform a full Nationzoom removal, you should firstly follow the guide at the end of this article, explaining how to reset the settings of the browser. As Nationzoom can sometimes leave some of its parts on your computer, you should install a powerful spyware removal tool. The further step is to get SpyHunter and scan your Windows system. Remember that the version of this software which you need should be the newest one, so only in this way, you can completely remove Nationzoom. The sooner you eliminate this unwelcome item, the better you protect the system.

How to reset the settings of my browser?

Nation Zoom Removal For Internet Explorer users:

  • Go for Alt+T – choose Internet options.
  • Move to Advanced tab – and select Reset.
  • Go for Delete personal settings – press on Reset option once more.
  • Find and choose Close.

Nation Zoom Removal For Mozilla Firefox users:

  1. By using your keyboard, click on Alt+H – press on Troubleshooting information.
  2. Once the additional tab is shown, go for Reset Firefox.
  3. Press on Reset Firefox (new pop-up window) – go for Finish.

Nation Zoom Removal For Google Chrome users:

  1. By using your keyboard, click on Alt+F – and Settings.
  2. While on On startup – check Open a specific page or set of pages.
  3. Press on Set pages – delete
  4. Type in the title of the wanted home page – confirm with OK.
  5. While on Search – choose Manage search engines.
  6. Choose a new page to be your search provider – delete
  7. Approve with Done. Download Removal Toolto remove Nation Zoom

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